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RoboQuad in Katy

The 4-legged, spider-like Roboquad can pursue a moving object forward, backwards, and sideways.
The robot offers five scanning sequences: a Smart Scan, which examines the surroundings and then reacts if anything changes; Scan Left and Scan Right, where the robot turns and faces any object within a 3-foot range; Approach Nearest Object, during which the robot looks left and right while ramping up the scanning range, and then moves toward the closest object found; Escape Walk, where the robot selects the largest open space and moves toward it; and Flinch Response, which helps the robot respond to quickly approaching objects. In addition, many of the Roboquad's decisions are based on its three controllable personality settings, one each for awareness, activity, and aggression. A more aggressive Roboquad will react quicker to approaching objects than a mellower Roboquad, for example.
The robotic arthropod offers more than just movement, however, with multicolored flashing lights and techno sound effects. The Roboquad also boasts four usage modes: Direct Control, Autonomous, Guard, and Sleep. Direct Control mode invites you to control the robot's direction, style of walking (such as crab walk, stomp walk, or rotation walking), and head movements, while in Autonomous mode, the robot interacts with his environment as he moves through it. Guard and Sleep modes, meanwhile, are designed for downtime. In the former, the Roboquad visually scans the environment and stays alert for noises, then scares off intruders with a series of crazy sound effects. In the latter, the robot automatically falls asleep after five minutes of inactivity and then powers down after 24 hour

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